Discover Preston Part 1

So you’ve just moved into a new city and your looking to meet new people, make new friends, discover Preston and take everything that’s on offer. You’ve unpacked your bags, freshened yourself up and put on your freshest kicks, but, where to go? Preston city has a lot to offer, from relaxing independent coffee shops to trendy smokehouse dining with venues and clubs were you can keep the party alive until the early..early…EARLY hours of the morning. 

That’s why we’ve decided to put together our very own Discover Preston blog, dedicated to helping you find the coolest places in the city and a few hidden gems you may never have tried before!
So in particular order…lets begin.

1. The Ferret – Independent music venue and smokehouse.

Student Accommodation Preston







Originally named Mad Ferret it stands tall as one of the Preston’s most sought after live music venues. With a change of ownership, a refreshed name and some fresh decor The Ferret is back at the heart of Preston’s underground music scenes and stronger than ever. It has a whole arsenal full of fun filled nights to keep you entertained all year round. Whether its a student open mic night giving you the opportunity to show just how confident that 7% pint has made you, or being blown away with an unsigned local artist night, displaying the best in what this cities up and comers have to offer you will always find something to quench your thirst here.

The Ferret is a regular host for some of the up and coming touring artist from the UK, Europe and USA. Mixing Hip-Hop, Indie, Grunge, Punk, Bohemian and the occasional electronic nights The Ferret boasts a roster of well established acts. Appearances range from a young Ed Sheeran first finding his path into musical stardom, B-Dolan American spoken word hip hop star shaking the ceiling, Eagulls some of the finest aggressive grunge to come out of modern Britain today and even a special performance from teenage angst throw backs Wheatus just to name a few.

We haven’t even got to the best part yet…The food! That’s right The Ferret is home to some of the best food in Preston. With its original and authentic Smokehouse style the menu will have you drooling in minutes. Reasonably priced and always consistent if your in the mood for gorging on deliciously sticky ribs, putting yourself to the test with hot wings or chomping down on a succulent burger The Ferret is the only place in town for authentic smokehouse food. Warning the feral hot sauce will take you to a dark place.

Mystery Tea House – Roots vibe, tea house and cafe.










A true hidden gem of the city, although it does have a very strong and committed following you get the feeling that if the rest of Preston found out about The Mystery Tea House, getting a table would become impossible. As soon as you enter the building a wave of calm washes over you as the beautiful fragrance of fresh herbal tea brewing fills the air. Greeted by some of the friendliest people you are likely to encounter and made to feel at home straight away The Mystery Tea House truly is a place to unwind, relax and replenish your creative spark.

With an extremely impressive range of herbal and world teas to choose from you can guarantee you will always be served the perfect pot of tea how it was intended to be served. If your not a herbal tea lover you can opt for a classic English breakfast or a exceptionally good coffee and take in the atmosphere. Its not just beverages on the menu, The Mystery Tea House has a delicious range of homemade sandwiches, salads and soups to compliment your brew and warm you from head to toe.

But we can’t talk about The Mystery Tea House any longer without mentioning its amazing atmosphere, it is possible to leave that building truly happier than when you entered. You can feel the love in the room from the owners and staff trying to make every customer feel welcome and ensure your getting the best possible experience. In the heart of a bustling city this is a place you can find yourself sitting for hours and feeling all your stresses leave your body. Mixing its beautiful world inspired decor and its roots reggae music this one place we advice you check out the next time your in the need for some soul healing.

3. Avenham park – Park located in the city centre.










Preston is lucky enough to be a city with a beautiful enormous park right in the centre. When the sun is shining it’s one of the hottest spots in the city and all you have to do to find it, is follow the herds of people heading for its luscious greens. If you fancy getting outside and catching some rays, playing football or enjoying a walk and taking in the scenic views Avenham park can provide it all.

There are a couple of picture perfect positions in Avenham park we know you’ll want to check out. In the middle of the park you will find a great place to sit and root yourself back to mother nature. A beautiful Japanese garden with an active fish pond. Walk through the bamboo fence and over the little bridge to the spot on top of the hill and you’ll find a little sun trap perfect for catching up with friends (when the clouds aren’t in the way). The park is also home to one or two rather large bridges that provide an excellent view,  on a clear day here you’ll see Preston in a completely new light.

4. Scene – Preston’s original skate and clothing store










If your into skating or at least into the fashion then Scene is definitely a place you’ll want to pay a visit. A clothing and skateboarding shop that has always stood head and shoulders above the rest for its dedication to the movement and originality throughout the years.

If your looking for the freshest in street and skate brand clothing scene is the place for you. It has an incredible collection of clothing from some of the industries biggest names. Stussy, Carhartt, Vans, Palace, Thrasher, Nike, Levis, HUF and Brixton just to name a few can all be found with the rarest and best lines available. But that’s not all, Scene also produces its own line of own brand skate clothing. From their individually tie dyed t’s to their iconic Brutal design of Preston’s very own bus station you can walk with pride in your Scene clothing knowing your supporting independent business, a movement, a dedication and originality.

The staff at Scene

If your idea of the perfect day is browsing the shops and picking yourself out some new clothes then Preston has a lot to offer. Although Scene is one of the original clothing outlets from Preston there is a whole range of great places to shop until you drop.

5. Blitz – Late night venue and nightclub

Blitz Preston










With enough strobe lighting to signal a ship, an electrifying atmosphere and sound systems stacked so high they make the earth tremble (literally) Blitz has quickly become Preston’s No.1 spot to Party like a rock star. After it’s recent closure to make way for student accommodation Blitz has found itself a new home in the city centre. Already in its first year of re-opening it has seen some huge names grace its doors and seen sold out show, after sold out show on some of it’s premium events.

Being a true venue Blitz boasts the wide range of musical genres and sub culture that can mix together in this one unified space. From the drum and bass junglists to the bohemian hippies Blitz has a special way of making people from all different backgrounds come together. Having such a diverse audience Blitz has a wide music policy to go with it, in fact you can find pretty much anything on the right night. Hip Hop, House, Techno, Grunge, Drum and Bass, 90’s and 80’s just to name a few can all be heard pumping out across Preston all thanks to Blitz.

With regular promotions on premium drinks, huge events, premier DJ performances and friendly staff that just want to party has hard as you do, Blitz has quickly become one of Preston’s favourite student venues. Pick your event, pick your poison and see if you can make it all the way till 6am.

As the saying goes, Eat, Sleep, Blitz, Repeat.

So that concludes part 1 of Discover Preston and we have barely touched the surface of what Preston has to offer. Make sure to google these businesses and take a look for yourself just how unique to this city they are and stay tuned for part 2 being released very soon!

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